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Our Beliefs


Two words adding up to an essential value:
bio, as in life, and dynamics, for action.
For its own vines Maison M. Chapoutier has adopted biodynamic farming techniques. This demanding approach is backed by a genuine conviction and a fierce determination to allow the earth to live and express itself.
Making AoC wines principally means giving full expression to a terroir (soil, climate, people). This process, transforming mineral potential into plant life, can only occur on a vibrant terroir, capable of transmitting its vitality and energy.


Varying taste

“Allowing the terroir to have its say, means letting the soil and especially the vintage express themselves. This integrity must not be corrected.” This sums up the goal pursued by Maison M. Chapoutier. As each vintage reflects the climate over the whole year, Maison M. Chapoutier has deliberately chosen to avoid establishing a house taste, a set style.
Its overall approach is subordinated to terroir, and the organoleptic differences between each vintage. On the other hand, there is a constant desire to highlight differences, bringing out specific nuances in the flavour particular to a terroir or a wine.
In keeping with the AoC ethos. The aim is to achieve the greatest refinement, a crescendo effect, from fragrance, through flavour, to lingering aftertaste, exemplified by subtle wines particularly well matched to good food, some simple, others more refined.

 Braille labels

Both a choice and a symbol, reflecting openness and tolerance.
Since 1996 all Chapoutier labels have been marked in Braille.
This is also a tribute to Maurice Monier of La Sizeranne, a member of the family that previously owned the vines of the same name and who invented the first abbreviated version of Braille. He also founded the Valentin Houï Association.

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