IGP Viognier Ardèche

FRANCE - Vallée du Rhône

SINCE 1995 maison M.Chapoutier have cultivated some remarquable soils throughout the southern region of the Ardèche.

At the foothills of the Coirons in Mirabel, the volcanic soil (previously owned by Olivier de Serres, is perfectly adapted to the cultivation of Viognier. At an altitude of 350 m we are able to glean the freshness, minerality and generous fruit characteristic from this exciting varietal. However, not only do we produce a dry white viognier, but we also make a desert wine ( Coufis de Paille ) which is vinified according to the methods used to make Hermitage Vin de Paille.

Domaine des Granges de Mirabel

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Viognier Collines Rhodaniennes

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